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Caches and Why We Clear Them

So you have great new business website. You’re using quality hosting that’s appropriate for website size and scope, and it’s performing pretty well, but could it perform better? There are other things you can do to help your website be as fast as possible, to reduce it’s size, and to minimize the impact it has on your server and hosting.

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Losing Everything and How to Prevent It

So we’ve all put hours of hard work, sweat, and probably a few tears into building our websites. Our businesses rely on them, so how do we protect them from catastrophe? Short of a large meteor, most website emergencies can be fixed, or at least reversed by doing one thing: backing up.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the types of issues your website can face.

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The Importance of Quality Hosting

We optimize a lot of websites, and one of the most common things we run into with our clients is substandard hosting. Many of our clients are still with the same hosting company they had when they started their business years ago. Some have just started and decided to go with whatever company came up first when they searched Google. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hosting companies with old hardware, out-of-date technology, and less-than quality customer service. In this post we’ll go over the different types of hosting, things you should look for in a host, and some of our recommendations.

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